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Oksana Minkevych

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Oksana came to New York when she was 21 years old, emigrating from the Ukraine. As a new citizen of the United States, life for her was not easy but she never gave up, always striving to learn something new. A graduate the Academy of National Economy School of Law in the Ukraine, she never got the chance to practice law like she always wanted. Instead she found her passion in entrepreneurship, from running a trucking business to being a successful real estate investor and running her real estate rental operation. It was during that time, she also found her passion in being a mother to her son Alex.  Oksana bought and managed housing to dozens of people since 2008. She is also an accomplished manager offering 14 years of professional experience with the last ten years focused on project management. Her focus is delivering strong financial results, resource management, and excellent customer service that is practical in today’s world.  Oksana speaks 4 languages fluently: Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, and English.  A natural leader, Oksana is known for being a hard worker, problem solver, effective communicator, and relationship builder.




Client Experiences

“Oksana is a very responsible person. A high level of hard work, knowledge of the subject and friendliness helps her quickly find friends and stay in friendly relations for a long time. Always ready to help! She is well trained and knows how to apply acquired knowledge at the right time at the right place.” - Iryna Burovska, Buroland Travel

"Oksana has an incredible work ethic and passion for whatever she does, both in her life as an entrepreneur, and in her personal life.  I have no doubt that she will work extremely hard for her clients, doing whatever it takes to get the job done.  To anyone looking to buy or sell a house, I recommend Oksana without reservation."

- Mark Dolfini, Landlord Coach, LLC

“Oksana is efficient and very professional. She is friendly and willing to help every time anyone asks for her help. No matter what the situation is, she will do everything in her power to solve the problem and help no matter what.”

- Tia McClung – Paralegal

“We are a small, family owned investment property business. It is vital that our investment choices in the Indy area work for us. The difference between good investment and bad one can come down to your realtor. Oksana goes above and beyond for her clients, which is why we choose her to represent us in the Indy metro area. She understands where we are and what we are looking for to grow for our business when it comes to buying properties. She is someone who keeps our best interest in mind.”

~ Vicky Parra, DSV Properties, LLC

Oksana is smart, hardworking and dedicated.  I trust her to handle my business efficiently and professionally.  Oksana is friendly, kind and generous with her time and I consider myself lucky to have her as a valuable member of my circle.

- Trudy Hunter, Paralegal

My name is Shannon Strange, I am a tenant of Oksana’s. I have never dealt with a more compassionate, positive, determined, professional person! She goes above and beyond for her people and is a pleasure to work with and know! Thank you Oksana for who you are and all you do! Thank you

- Shannon Strange


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