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Signs It’s Time To Find A New Brokerage

Trueblood Real Estate
May 4 3 minutes read

Switching brokerages can seem like a daunting task. The hassle and time commitment it takes to switch brokerages often results in agents staying at their brokerage for much longer than they ever planned. Whether you’ve been overpromised and under delivered, you’re unhappy, or you’re ready to level up, we put together the most important signs that it’s time for you to find a new brokerage.



You're Not Being Challenged

If you've only been cold calling leads, scheduling showings, and are stuck behind your desk all day, you may want to start looking at other opportunities. When you’re first starting out it’s great to get your toes wet by doing these tasks, but if your broker has you just scheduling showings and not actually doing showings or forming your own client relationships, you should move on. Your employer should be challenging you to grow, not holding you back. 



You're Not Learning Anything New

Many brokerages often offer training and educational resources for their agents. The real estate industry is constantly changing and innovating so if you feel there’s nothing else your current brokerage can teach you or you’re the one teaching the newer agents all your tips and tricks, it may be time to move on. Let’s face it, you’re not going to grow if you’re not learning anymore. 



You Don't Have A Personal Brand

If you’re not sure what a personal brand is or if you even have one, then it’s definitely time to find a new brokerage. It may be great to start out a bigger brokerage with a recognizable brand — they are recognizable for a reason. But if you’re getting lost in the sea of agents and have nothing that differentiates you, then you most likely won’t be getting many new clients. Start your own personal website and social media accounts to start attracting the clients you want to work for and make a name for yourself. 



You're Not Having Fun

We’ve all heard the saying “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Of course it’s unlikely that you’ll love every single aspect of your job, but if you’re finding more negatives than positives and are dreading the thought of another day at the office, it may be time to rethink your current brokerage. Work should be fun sometimes. If your broker doesn’t put together any team events that aren’t just for educational purposes and you feel like you can't crack a joke every now and then, it may be time to find a new brokerage with a more inviting atmosphere. 

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