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Meet Jake Basker

Trueblood Real Estate
Aug 18 4 minutes read

Meet Jake

Jake has been in real estate for over 8 years now. After joining TRE in February, Jake has taken his career to the next level at Trueblood Real Estate.

Read Jake's story about his experience at TRE and what advice he has for you.

"I just joined TRE and I absolutely love it, it's the best move I've ever made."

I've been in real estate for 8 years now. I was previously with another brokerage and was looking to make a change. I was looking at quite a few different brokerages at the time and decided to meet with Hannah Schneider, who I previously worked with at a different brokerage. She has switched over to Trueblood Real Estate so I had coffee with her and got the scoop on TRE. Shortly after meeting with Hannah, I met with Jim Trueblood and I knew this is where I wanted to be. 

Jim is genuine. Sometimes you're just another number to some people, but I appreciate how open and honest Jim was and their technology and everything they had to offer was to good to pass up. I just joined Trueblood Real Estate in February and I absolutely love it, it's the best move I've ever made.

Everything that you need is here.

Everything that you need is here. But it's also on you to take advantage of it. The coach is there but its on you to make the appointment and come prepared. Dan O'Brien is so advanced with technology and he is always willing to sit down and help you learn. Being in an environment where everyone is trying to do better and help each other out as well as taking advantage of all the coaching, technology, and stuff that’s offered will help me get to where I want to be.

"Everything that you need is here. There is so much technology and coaching available, and being in an environment where the agents are all striving to be better makes me want to be better too."

What qualities is TRE looking for in a Realtor?

TRE is looking for someone who is highly motivated and has a strong work ethic. Jim does a great job at providing leads for us and I think the beauty of it is the harder you work, the more successful you can be. If you are driven and have a strong work ethic, the sky is the limit.

What motivates you to be successful at TRE?

Having other competitive agents that are wanting to do the best for their clients and be at the top of the sales ranking, motivates me. I'm a pretty competitive person and being in an environment where the agents are all striving to be better makes me want to be better too. 

Jim also provides great resources for us. We actually have a great coach, Eric Eisenhower, that you can meet with and he's phenomenal. I meet with him bimonthly and he gives me great ideas which helps me to stay motivated as well. 


Cutting-Edge Technology & Systems

Zillow,, and Trulia

Follow Up Boss

Conversion Monster


What is the office like?

The office is my favorite part, which I can’t have right now because of COVID. The office has such a great energy with the whole office setup, the team, and being right in Downtown Fishers. The people here make this place a fun working environment and Jim will do random competitions and raffles which makes it fun too.

Jake's advice to you

Go to Trueblood. There is so much technology and coaching available, and all the systems and CRM’s are covered by Jim. With the amount of leads that Jim provides as well as the compensation, you have an opportunity to not only make a lot more money but to help a lot more people too. The sky is the limit on how successful you want to be at Trueblood Real Estate.

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