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6 Tips To Making 6 Figures In Real Estate

Trueblood Real Estate
Aug 12 5 minutes read

Real Estate can be a tough industry, but when you hit your stride amazing things can happen. When executed simultaneously, these 6 tips will help skyrocket your career and bring you one step closer to a 6 figure year.



Network. Network. Network

(Yes, it’s worth saying more than once). Network with your peers, with other agents, with friends and family. The more connections you create, the more opportunities you have to serve those in your community. Speaking of connections, don't forget about your past clients or those prospects who said they're just thinking about buying/selling. A simple calendar reminder will allow you to keep track of those people and followup with them routinely.



Create A Personal Brand

Yes, your brokerage can be crucial to your future success, but from a client’s perspective, it matters more who they are working with, not the brokerage that backs them. Remember: People hire and want to work with people. Your brokerage provides a strong foundation, but you need to make a name for yourself and let your personality shine, too. Show people how you can guide them to success, support their needs, and help them achieve their goals. Building your personal brand is a lot like building your own business. If you treat this career as your own business and not just another job, you’ll quickly outshine your competition.



Value The Client Relationship 

There are some agents out there simply in the business for the commission check, hopefully, you're not one of them. This industry is all about building relationships and helping people make life-changing decisions. If you don't enjoy doing that, real estate may not be for you. But if you can learn to value and appreciate the client relationship, your clients will notice. When your clients see that you'd bend over backward to help them, you'll see the positive impact this has on your reputation and potential for future business.



Don't Underestimate The
Power Of Social Media

Years ago, it would much harder to get your name out there. You banked on yard signs, open houses, and referrals to connect with people, build your reputation and grow your business. Now with social media, you have the ability to connect with thousands of people, even people who don’t know you (yet). At the minimum, use Facebook and Instagram to promote your business, advertise your listings and open houses, and get your name out there. Make sure every post provides VALUE. With value comes the ability to build trust and if you can begin to build trust with potential clients before you ever meet them in person, you're well ahead of the game.



Stay Consistent

It's easy to stay on top of weekly marketing and sales strategies when business is slow. But, when business picks up as a result of those marketing and sales efforts, it's easy to let them slip in the midst of working with clients. Shift your mindset and remind yourself that the marketing you do now is fueling your future business in 6 or even 12 months from now. If you spend 100% of your time servicing current clients, you'll fail to stay top of mind and as a result, lose out on future client opportunities.



Go The Extra Mile To Be The Expert

Become a master in your market. Know everything there is to know about the area, build a database from friends, social groups, people you meet through your kid's schools, and elsewhere around town. Always be learning. Listen to podcasts, attend brokerage training, read books, connect with a mentor and check-in with them regularly. You'll be able to take everything you learn and mold it into a strategy that works for you.

It’s no secret that success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and a lot of hard work to build a career in real estate. We have agents who started at Trueblood Real Estate with less than 3 months of prior experience and some who came to us as experienced agents in the industry for several years. Both have been able to find success here. If you'd like to learn more about life at Trueblood Real Estate check out our careers page.

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